When is a work license needed?

Any activity that involves an activity with tools for the remodeling of ceilings, walls, facades or work at heights, must have a work license issued and confirmed by the municipality of Torremolinos.

The fees will be paid according to the amount of the budget delivered, where all the actions to be performed will be specified. The city council may require more specifications in some of the work indicated if needed. And even determine that this type of work is not minor work.

For any questions we always recommend that you contact directly the urban planning area of ​​the City of Torremolinos.

Types of work license for reforms in Torremolinos.

Basically for reforms there are two types, a quick or minor work license, in which it does not incur any large-scale renovation and no column or load wall is going to be touched. Anyway, this is decided in the town planning department of the town hall of Torremolinos. You present your documentation and they will respond

Another type of license already for cases of larger reforms, will need plans, study of loads made by a technician and visas by an architect’s college. This type of work is not minor license.

We would have to update the prices, but they are around 4% of the total budget, as payment to the city council for the building license. The minimum amount is 110 euros, although 4% is below this amount.

The documents required in general are: Official document reflecting the catrastral reference, detailed budget and filling out the application form for a building license in Torremolinos, which will need the signature of the property owner. Once submitted in the town planning window, the application will give you the fees to be paid. You must pay those fees and return with the proof of payment. From this moment it is waiting for communication by the urban planning department.

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