When is a work license needed?

Any activity that involves an activity with tools for the remodeling of ceilings, walls, facades or work at heights, must have a work license issued and confirmed by the municipality of Torremolinos.

The fees will be paid according to the amount of the budget delivered, where all the actions to be performed will be specified. The city council may require more specifications in some of the work indicated if needed. And even determine that this type of work is not minor work.

For any questions we always recommend that you contact directly the urban planning area of ​​the City of Torremolinos.

Types of work license for reforms in Torremolinos.

Basically for renovations there are two types, a quick or minor building license (1), in which you do not incur any large volume renovation and no column or load-bearing wall will be touched. This type of minor work license is obtained from one day to the next by paying the fees and signing a responsible declaration. The other type of minor work license is another procedure and will need a response from the city council (2).

1. Declaration responsible for minor works in Torremolinos.

You need to fill out a form that you can download here, along with that attached document:

  • Photocopy of ID
  • Budget of the work signed by the person in charge of it
  • Responsible declaration form duly filled out and signed

This is the fastest process if you are going to carry out a small work such as: painting and interior cladding, facade painting, repair and replacement of facade elements, flooring, tiling, plastering, plastering, false ceilings and cladding, etc. as long as You stick to the works allowed to be executed that are detailed in the Responsible Declaration, you will not have any problem.

The fee to be paid is 2.7% of the total budget, plus 3.2% of ICIO and € 1.00 for the printing of a plan. The minimum amount is 110 euros, although 3.2% is below this amount.


If the budget for the work is 1,800.00 (value without VAT) you will have to pay:

– Rate (2.7%) 100.00

– ICIO (3.2%) 57.60

– Flat 1.00

Total to pay 158.60

Payment can be made on the ground floor of the town hall, either by card or in cash. The process is by means of a machine similar to an ATM that is very easy to use. Once the payment is made, present the proof of payment at the urban planning window and they immediately stamp your responsible declaration.

You obtain the permit the same day, in the document it details the responsibilities you have when signing it. The fees that must be paid are the same as the minor work license, just pay close attention to the work that you can carry out so that you do not have the risk of fines or penalties from the competent entity. They can at any time make an inspection or request more detailed documentation of the work you are doing.

2. Minor work license in Torremolinos.

To begin you need to submit the form, along with a budget and the IBI receipt. To download the PDF form of the minor license, click here.

If you need another type of license, you can visit the official website of the Torremolinos town hall by clicking here.

The fees to pay in the minor work license are the same as for the responsible declaration. The payment procedure is the same, with the difference that the permission to start your work will take a few months. Once the proof of payment has been received, it is awaiting communication from the urban planning department.

If you need another type of license, you can visit the official website of the Torremolinos town hall by clicking here.


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