The loft are those urban homes in which there are very few or no walls or walls that limit the spaces. They were born in the New York of the 50s, when the cost of the flats within the city began to increase disproportionately and people decided to take advantage of the warehouses abandoned by the factories and warehouses that went bankrupt, turning them into houses without divisions.

Turning the house into a loft is one of those reforms that are very popular to take advantage of the space of very small floors. When you remove the dividing walls or partitions you allow light to flow freely, visually expanding the space. It is modern and has many advantages.

Advantages of turning your house into a Loft

– You take advantage of every corner of the space. There are no walls or doors, so you will gain several square meters.

– Increases the feeling of spaciousness. In the absence of visual barriers, the space is perceived much wider and brighter.

– You will save money on electricity. There are no walls that block natural light, so you can save some money because you won’t need to turn on the lights until the sun goes down.

– The space will be much more versatile, you can use it the way you see fit and change the divisions by moving a few elements.

– It is easier to clean

– It is perfect for people with reduced mobility or who must use wheelchairs or walkers, as there are no walls or door frames that limit movement.

The perfect reform to create a loft in your apartment

Making diaphanous reforms involves a little more than throwing some walls or partitions. It is advisable to have the support and advice of a reform company that has an architect who evaluates the space, who knows which walls can be removed, which are master walls that support the structure of the house and how to redistribute the space.

Creating a loft in your apartment is the perfect reform, which can solve your space problems, giving a new, more modern and practical air, revaluing your property. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Reformas Torremolinos, who will be happy to clear your doubts and even make a budget.

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