Assuming the process of a home renovation requires a lot of prior planning. Not only in everything related to design, finishes and what you want to achieve, but at the budget level and the professionals you will hire to do it. It is possible to hire different people to execute each of the parts of the reform, but the most common (especially if you do not have the necessary knowledge or experience) is to hire a company that takes care of the entire process.

Hiring a reform company is a double-edged sword, because although it is much more comfortable and you could almost disregard all the details, you can fall into the hands of unscrupulous people. Scams with reforms are a reality and you must learn how to avoid them.

With the rise of tourist apartments on the Costa de Sol, there are many express reforms and managers of your vacation property that can lead to fraud. Hire a professional apartment holiday management company

How not to be scammed with a reform

A scam with reforms almost always implies an inexperienced person who hires an unethical company that either does not provide the prescribed service or does a job with a lower quality than the one prescribed. The results are almost always catastrophic and sometimes you don’t immediately notice them.

Fraud is much more common than is believed, for example, materials of lower quality than budgeted are used to keep the difference in money. At first glance everything seems to be in order, but soon after problems begin to appear: cracks, leaks, broken things, among others.

Avoiding fraud in reforms is easy

The first golden rule is that nobody gives anything away. If something sounds too good to be true, it is most likely not true. But if you have no experience with this issue of reforms, how will you know if you are facing a scam with reforms? The answer is simple: you need to inform yourself.

To avoid the scam with reforms, start asking for budgets from different companies. This will allow you to have a general idea of ​​prices and the market. Don’t be afraid to ask and ask for detailed explanations. Also, you must be very clear about what you need and what result you expect; so you can clearly communicate your needs and there will be no room for doubt.

Follow these anti-fraud steps

– Check the certifications of the company: a serious reform company should have the certifications that are required by law, in addition to the appropriate license for the work. They must also have liability insurance.

– Hire only recommended and recognized companies: it is better to seek recommendations among friends or family. If not possible, look for companies that have years of service and an impeccable reputation, such as Reformas Torremolinos.

– Pay in installments: To avoid a scam with reforms, avoid paying everything in cash on too much if it is an extensive reform. They almost always ask for 40% in advance and the rest in the end. If it is very extensive, a schedule of milestone payments can be agreed.

– Ask for a contract and / or a detailed and closed budget: Put in writing everything related to the reform, from the materials to be used, the cost of labor, deadlines, quality of materials among other things. He prefers closed budgets, as these avoid surprises when paying.

– Ask for your invoice: Remember to ask for a legal invoice, where the address, company tax number and all payment details are shown. This will be essential to claim in case there is a scam with the reform.

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