Life in big cities, where large numbers of people are concentrated in a small space, has made it increasingly common for people to be forced to live in confined spaces. Small flats are an everyday thing and if they have a good layout, they can be very comfortable.

On the other hand, more than half of Spanish homes are older than 3 decades, so the need for more or less large reforms is common. Although this involves a great expense, it can be used to make wonderful adjustments that will allow you to optimize the space. You can learn how to save space with your reforms, to create a more modern, aesthetic and bright space.


How to save space with your reforms

Hire an architect or designer: It is not a superfluous expense. These professionals can create space distribution plans optimized for your needs, in which really necessary changes are made. They can even help you reduce and improve your renovation budget.

Think about the open concept: this term refers to diaphanous, open spaces, where the different spaces are not divided with partitions and walls, but furniture, accessories and other keys are used to give a feeling of spaciousness.

Integrate furniture pieces: another simple way to save space visually is to integrate large pieces of furniture and doors by painting them the same color as the wall. This lightens the visual load and makes the space look bigger.

Take advantage of vertical space: shelves, shelves and even loft beds allow you to use the vertical space of the walls. You can use it to improve your storage options, which are always challenging, without cluttering the floor.

Delete spaces that you don’t use: if you are one of those who always eat at the kitchen table, you don’t need that separate dining room. Laundry rooms, corridors, galleries and others are spaces that you can do without and that can be used in another way.

Bet on light: large windows, an intelligent light distribution, eliminating partitions that block windows, among others, can be part of the reforms to save space. When light floods a place, it gives the feeling of freedom and openness that you need in small apartments.

Change the doors: sliding or folding doors can help you save space, they are lighter and can allow you to change the distribution of the furniture.

Take advantage of every inch: any corner, no matter how useless it may seem, can be used either decoratively or as storage space. A custom shelf, shelves or furniture can transform a useless nook into a closet or a place to put decorative objects.

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