Dear neighbors of Torremolinos, we will briefly explain some basic rules in an electrical installation in a reform.

Either you or a reform company, which you have hired, must have some common points in the execution of the electrical installation.

  1. First and for safety always work without tension on the line. For this we recommend connecting the cables to the breakers at the last moment, in case of new work, or working with the breakers below, so that there is no tension in case of a reform in an already inhabited house.
  2. Choose first of all where and how you want the plugs, switches, lamps and or any outlet you need. Stop it, a very clear practice for masons and electricians is to paint on the wall where you want the plugs. Then the electrician will mark the mason where he wants the conduits to run the wires. Whether by the wall, floor or ceiling. This work needs a strong coordination between both unions within the reforms, masonry and electricity.
  3. Special care with the hob and air conditioners. They should go straight to the breaker box, and they should not share their cables with any other plug. Selecting well the characteristics of each breaker.
  4. Using the right tools is always good advice in any reform.
  5. Division of the installation between power cables and light cables, all plugs must be distributed throughout the lower parts of the houses, distributing all cables between the walls and the floor. These cables usually have a larger section than light cables. It is important to mention that plugs must not be removed from the light network. Make your network structure well before starting to chop walls and / or floors.
  6. Calculate well the tension that will take each area to design the breaker box, and know what type of protection to install. Breakers that jump and cut the circuit are usually installed due to high amperage or high voltage
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