Covid-19 anti-contamination screens, prevention is better than cure.

With the state of alarm for the pandemic declared by the Covd-19, we have accelerated our production and installation of anti-pollution screens throughout the Costa del Sol. It is a preventive element that prevents particles from reaching the air from one customer to another or to a business employee.

We have protective screens of all kinds of materials, such as pvc, methacrylate etc … We are open to putting the material that you indicate.

We will take the measures of the facilities or people who want to protect from contagion, and in less than two days they will have their protective screens installed.

In the event that these screens cannot be installed fixed on a table, we have accessories to fix these screens to any type of structure.

Our anti-contamination separators can be of various types and materials, but all of them have optimum resistance. Another factor to take into account is transparency, which is optimal in all our materials. If it is true that depending on the material chosen for your screen, it will be easier or not to clean.

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