Disinfection of Covid-19 premises

We clean and disinfect all types of premises. With this pandemic by covid-19 we have learned a lot, especially in terms of cleaning and disinfection. As an approved company, we carry out all kinds of disinfection in premises, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

Thorough cleaning is of utmost importance before disinfection. We thoroughly clean every corner and surface of your business so that when we pass the disinfectant it has maximum efficiency in eliminating any virus or bacteria.

Business disinfection against Covid-19

Disinfection in restaurants: we have already carried out some extra disinfections just for the coronavirus issue and they are correct. There is no greater peace of mind for your clients than to start working and maintain an extra disinfection. Customer relationships have changed, especially when it comes to food.

Disinfection in offices: If they are customer service offices, it is necessary to take into account where all the users who will access from the street will be and where the workers will be. We always recommend anti-contagion screens to work in offices. For any type of business we always recommend certain daily, weekly and monthly disinfection protocols.

Disinfections in commercial premises: A thorough disinfection is scheduled in those places with more daily traffic. We offer several disinfection services in commercial premises that require these measures on a daily basis.

We deliver a disinfection certificate.

We have a ROESBA identification number, which certifies us in the use of disinfection and disinsection liquids. So if the protocol for disinfection and cleaning of your premises needs it, we will issue the certificate along with the corresponding protocol.

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